As one of the elite radiology equipment companies today, Agfa manufactures scalable solutions to fit a multitude of imaging environments. From single-plate tabletop readers, to multi-plate and integrated products – Agfa has a reputation as an industry leader.

Agfa CR30-Oracle

With throughput speeds of up to 76 plates per hour, it’s easy to see why the CR30-Oracle is one of the top sellers in the tabletop/single-plate CR market. Further justifications include Agfa’s Musica2 GenRad-Advanced Image Processing Software. With Musica2, the practitioner is able to achieve unsurpassed image quality while keeping the radiation dose as low as possible. Unique to the CR30-Oracle package is the inclusion of the OfficeViewer software. Allowing up to six client workstations the ability to query/retrieve images, window/level, pan/zoom, magnify, and invert, practitioners now have an easy way to review images with patients. In addition, the CR30-Oracle also boasts on-board PACS storage of up to 15,000 images. With numerous advanced software components included, many more are available as options. Recently ranked as the #1 single-plate CR system by KLAS (an independent research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors), it’s easy to see why the CR30-Oracle is an excellent choice.

Agfa CR30-Oracle Brochure.pdf (standard configuration)

Agfa CR10 / CR12 / CR15

This table-top CR unit is specially designed with various speed configurations to provide a cost-effective solution for practices interested in entering the digital "era."




Agfa CR85-SP+

An excellent choice as a CR unit to support multiple examination rooms, the CR85-SP+ features a unique “drop-and-go” multi-plate buffer that helps maximize productivity. In addition, the combination of the excellent NX workstation and the Musica2 intelligent image processing algorithms makes this unit a technologist’s dream come true.

Agfa CR85-SP+ Brochure.pdf

Agfa DiRex-SP Series

This Quantum exclusive system acts as a “digital hybrid” by combining a traditional x-ray room with a stand-alone CR unit. The result? A CR unit directly integrated into the x-ray control. This system is truly remarkable!


Agfa DX-G

The perfect “happy medium” between the small footprint of a single-plate reader and the “drop-and-go” feature of a multi-plate reader, the DX-G is in a league of its own. The unique five-cassette buffer can handle both standard phosphor plates and needle-point phosphor plates.

Agfa DX-G Brochure.pdf
Agfa DX-G Datasheet.pdf

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