Thanks to their innovative and proprietary technology, Esaote is the leader in dedicated musculoskeletal MRI with over 2,000 systems installed throughout the world. Their units boast key features such as ease of use, an open ergonomic design for patient comfort, and cost effectiveness.


The gold standard in extremity MRI, the O-Scan takes into account the need for higher throughput in radiological settings and orthopaedic practices. Its ease of use, low energy consumption, no cryogen, and small footprint make the O-Scan a smart investment.



The S-Scan dedicated MRI represents the most recent developments of Esaote's superior MRI technology. Its open-gantry design provides easy patient access and eliminates the claustrophobia often associated with other MRI units.



The G-Scan is a revolutionary system for all musculoskeletal applications, from routine knee exams to weight-bearing spine studies. In fact, thanks to its unique tilting design, the patient can be positioned in a true weight-bearing position allowing the technologist to visualize the actual condition of pathologies.


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