Quantum Medical Imaging

Quantum Medical Imaging is regarded throughout the industry as the manufacturer of superior radiographic systems. Designed with the technologist in mind, the systems are highly refined to provide optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Q-Rad Digital Systems


In addition to the standard features found on the traditional Q-Rad-PQ system, this version is outfitted with the CXDI-50G portable panel. This panel is capable of being moved from the table to the wall and also for use in tabletop/cross-table and stretcher-based imaging procedures. Adding even more functionality is the addition of Quantum’s unique TechVision™ touch-panel digital-user interface which allows the technologist to set all exposure parameters without leaving the patient’s side.



Maintaining a traditional “room layout and flow,” this dual-detector unit eliminates the “back-and-forth” traffic that can occur with single-detector systems.



This dual-detector system takes a good thing and makes it better by adding the ability to perform cross-table exams with ease. Specifically handy in ER and trauma settings, this unit maximizes throughput without sacrificing quality.


QV-800 Universal

The QV-800 is a cost-effective and efficient digital solution for ER departments, trauma, and general radiography settings. The integrated “C-arm” design permits the image receptor and x-ray table to remain in constant alignment.



DRive Series

Quantum's DRive system is a fully-featured, economically priced DR system that is available as both a 14"x17" tethered-panel solution or a 17"x17" fixed-panel solution -- or as a dual-detector system in either combination.



Q-Rad Analog Systems

Q-Rad Ceiling Systems

Using a five-tiered telescoping column with expansive overhead horizontal and traverse tracks, Quantum’s “overhead” systems provide the ultimate in flexibility and unlimited imaging procedures.


Q-Rad Floor Systems

These stream-lined floor systems are feature-rich and provide full-positioning functionality.


Rad-X Systems

Quantum’s “Rad-X” line of high-frequency radiographic imaging systems offers the functionality and flexibility synonymous with Quantum at a super-economical price-point. With all systems coming equipped with high-frequency generators and anatomical programming (APR), it’s easy to configure a package to meet most all applications.


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