Hitachi Computed Tomography

Hitachi offers a full line of computed tomography systems. From their Supria line all the way up to their Scenaria View line which has an industry leading 80cm gantry opening


Supria Plus provides high levels of image quality across a wide range of applications. Access the latest dose awareness, reduction and management features. And take advantage of a compact footprint, increased patient access and lower cost of ownership of Supria models.

Supria models are designed with the patient in mind. Their large aperture, long table with high weight capacity comfortably accommodates patients of all sizes up to 500 lbs.

The latest Hitachi dose reduction technologies* surpass the XR-29 Smart Dose Standard. A larger 75cm gantry aperture, wider 47.5cm table with a long 180cm scannable range result in a more positive patient experience.

Scenaria View

SCENARIA View continues its evolution for doctors, operators and patients, driving you ahead with a superb low dose CT.

Hitachi’s Intelli IPV technology with Visual Modeling enables both, significant noise and dose reduction while preserving an excellent image texture, providing outstanding image quality and a relax patient experience.

Supreme examination speed is achieved by SynergyDrive, a high-speed image reconstruction tool that impacts a wide range of scan tasks, massively shortening scan times thanks to its sophisticated automatic features. In addition, the industry-leading 80cm bore combined with its lateral-shift table reduces patient anxiety and allows easy patient positioning.

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