A true powerhouse in the healthcare imaging arena, Carestream is known for its cutting-edge equipment and quality-driven approach to imaging. With a solid background in the analog market, the natural progression into the digital realm gives Carestream yet another area in which to shine. Their continued innovation and advancement provides top-notch solutions for countless imaging environments.

Carestream DRX-1 System

Marketed as the world’s first cassette-sized wireless DR detector that fits into your existing equipment, the DRX-1 allows facilities a seamless transition into the “Digital Age.” Sized the same as a traditional 35cm x 43cm (14” x 17”) x-ray cassette, there are no modifications required for your current radiography equipment’s bucky. A single battery charge provides enough power for up to ninety images and recharging is a snap with the battery-charge station.


Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit

Finally, a DR mobile solution that wirelessly retrofits your existing mobile radiography system. Utilizing the innovative DRX wireless detector, you’re now able to get quality DR images on the go.


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