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DICOM Management

PowerPACS Archive Server

PowerPACS Archive Server is the keystone of RADinfo SYSTEMS’ total PACS solution. As a fast and reliable repository for DICOM images and related medical information, PowerPACS Archive Server can store, route, manage, and retrieve millions of images, virtually eliminating the difficulties and expense associated with film. Fully configurable and scalable, the PowerPACS Archive Server works with any DICOM compliant modality, easily meshing with your existing workflow.



The simplest way to safeguard patient records is make regular backups that are stored in a safe place. RADinfo SYSTEMS’ PowerArchive provides the most straightforward and cost-effective way to implement a total disaster recovery system that is consistent with HIPAA standards. Easily configured, PowerArchive runs unattended, systematically copying the PACS on either a regularly scheduled basis, e.g. nightly, or on a resource basis, e.g. when enough new records have accumulated to fill a CD or DVD, making it an ideal solution for both large and small practices.

PowerPACS Telerad Server

PowerPACS Telerad Server guarantees the rapid and secure transmission of DICOM images, whether it is to the other side of town or to the other side of the planet. Fully configurable, it can route images to a reading radiologist on either a regularly scheduled or on-demand basis. A secured, reliable communication channel, PowerPACS Telerad Server significantly reduces the turn-around time for the delivery of findings to physicians and patients, providing much needed flexibility for hospitals and their staff.


DICOM Viewers

RSVS System

The key to an efficient digital imaging practice is a fully functional, easy to use viewing station. The RSVS suite of products by RADinfo SYSTEMS offers a powerful, sophisticated viewer that presents the viewers with a fully-integrated, easily accessible toolset, including measurements, annotations, key image notations, digital templates, MPR, MIP, and 3D views, all available with a single click of a mouse.


PowerPACS Web Server

In an on-demand world, patients and referring physicians expect rapid results. PowerPACS Web Server is the solution for meeting these escalating expectations, while maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient records. With no more requirements than Internet Explorer™, clients can view studies over the web from the convenience of their own home or office, using a scaled-down version of RADinfo SYSTEMS’ RSVS viewer. This self-contained system also makes PowerPACS Web Server an affordable option for transmitting images to on-call radiologists for wet-reads.


DICOM Distribution


For those times when only film will do, RADinfo SYSTEMS offers a cost-effective, easy means to produce hard copies on demand. With a choice of media, DICOM Print is a fast and reliable means to deliver diagnostic quality images out the door.

DICOM Acquisition

PowerPACS Image Importer

A new challenge facing the digital imaging practice is the integration of outside studies into the PACS. Regardless of the source: patient CDs, DVDs, legacy PACS, plain films, documents or even non-DICOM images, RADinfo SYSTEMS’ PowerPACS Image Importer is the perfect gateway to your PACS. With intelligent matching algorithms, PowerPACS Image Importer can automatically link incoming images to existing records or prompt the operator to verify the match and even edit image headers directly. With its ability to operate unattended, PowerPACS Image Importer frees technicians from much tedious and time-consuming work.


PowerPACS Inter2000 Suite

With a front-end interface known as the Modality Worklist Manager, all Inter2000 components can automatically download data from your HIS/RIS to provide complete integration between your image management and information systems. Because Inter2000™ is fully compliant with DICOM and HL7 standards; you receive high-end interconnectivity and standards conformance at a low-end price for film digitizers and video image capturing.

DICOM Registration

PowerPACS RIS Lite

PowerPACS RIS Lite enables your practice to provide faster and better service for your patients by maximizing modality utilization, avoiding schedule conflicts, pre-fetching studies, and minimizing opportunities for operator error.

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