Summit Industries

Summit is the market-share leader in the U.S. veterinary and chiropractic sector. Summit is also known throughout the world as a strong competitor in the medical market. Summit proudly boasts over 20,000 world-wide equipment installations.

Digital Solutions

DXR Dual Advantage System

Available in either floor or overhead configurations, the DXR Dual Advantage System utilizes two separate digital receptors so there is no transporting of the detector between table- and wall-views. At an extremely cost-effective price-point, the DXR brings digital imaging to an entirely new market.

Chest DXR

If upright views are all you require, the Chest DXR is a great fit for your facility. Recognize tremendous cost savings while simultaneously increasing throughput by up to three times!

Analog Solutions

Summit’s Amrad line of imaging equipment is also available in traditional analog formats. Offering reliability, compact footprints, and versatility, the Amrad line has much to offer.


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